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The Five Levels of Intimacy
First comes love... or sex? Read Article

Help! I Love My Husband But I Don't Like Sex
"Why was it so hard to resist sex before marriage, but now in marriage, resisting is all I do?" Read Article

I Can't Forgive Their Sexual Past
I recently heard from a man struggling with the sexual past of a new love in his life. As a widower, his only sexual partner had been his wife. But his new friend had many, including a couple husbands and several boyfriends. Read Article

Kiss Me Again
I meet many married women who love their husbands but don't love sex. Their question is always the same: they want to know why. Read Article

Healing From Your Sexual Past
I've heard every possible story. In addition to hearing the stories of the women who come into our bible study for sexual healing, people email me from all over the world. Just when I think I couldn't possibly hear anything worse, someone shares the unimaginable with me. Read Article

Healing from Your Sexual Past (Part Two)
When we've been used or abused with sex, it damages our view of sex, ourselves, others and God. Part of the healing process will be seeing ourselves and sex from God's perspective. Read Article

Sexual Healing: Grieving the loss exercise
Whether our sexuality was stolen from us or we gave it away, we experience a loss. But unfortunately many of us don't allow ourselves to grieve those losses. Read Article

Sexual Healing: Breaking sexual bonds exercise
The bonding of sex is not only physical, but also spiritual, emotional and mental which includes the chemical and hormonal bonding that happens. Although we'd like to believe that breaking up and moving on severs that bond, in truth, only God can sever the 'one flesh' bond He's created through sex. Read Article

Sexual Healing: Life Maps exercise
When we let God show us how our past has hurt us, He's able to heal our brokenness. But the first step and often the hardest is acknowledging what's happened to us. One way to help see your own story is to write your life map. Read Article

Sexual Healing: Writing Your Story
When we let God show us how our past has hurt us, He’s able to heal our brokenness. But the first step and often the hardest is acknowledging what’s happened to us. Read Article

Sexual Healing: How God Sees Sex
For many years I believed that God was the one who was heaping shame on me. I was certain He was disappointed with me, and no matter how many times I asked for forgiveness, I still had shame. But as I allowed God to heal me, I discovered that He did notsee me the way I saw myself, the way the enemy tried to make me feel. Read Article

Barb's Story: Hope for Sexual Healing
I was a Christian and I was going to save sex for marriage but my life took a different turn. Read Article

Childhood Sexual Abuse: How the past affects the present
Rough estimates put one in three girls and one in six boys in the US at risk for being sexually abused. But exact figures are hard to assess because most children delay reporting their abuse until later in adulthood or never report it at all. Read Article

How Do I Know if I've Been Sexually Abused?
Sexual abuse has a broader definition than we may assume. There are four types of sexual abuse: verbal, visual, physical and psychological. Read Article

Past Abuse: Why do I feel this way?
Perhaps you’ve been struggling for years with feelings that you can’t understand or explain. Here are some of the ways sexual abuse affects a child, which can follow into adulthood. Read Article

How Do I Know if I Need Healing?
Sometimes we can feel a certain way for so long that it starts to feel normal, comfortable even. It becomes so familiar that we stuff down that nagging thought that we should do something about our struggles. The process of healing can seem scarier than what we’re experiencing now. Read Article

Why Do I Struggle with Sexual Intimacy?
There’s another way your abuse could be impacting you and that’s in your enjoyment and desire for sex with your spouse. In addition to the ways sexual abuse damages our bodies, spirits and emotions, sexual abuse also damages our view of sex. When we’ve been used for others’ sexual pleasure the experience becomes associated with a negative view of sex. Read Article