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Bring healing to women, men and children around the world who've been wounded by their sexual pasts. Help me join the fight against sex-slavery by bringing God’s message of freedom, healing and hope to those who are lost and broken.


A Note from Barbara

Welcome to my website. I write about sex. Or more specifically, how to heal from your sexual past, whether it’s from your own choice, or someone else’s choice forced on you, as in abuse or rape. An estimated 95% of people today have sex before marriage, a recent survey has discovered. The sexual revolution promised freedom, fun and pleasure, but delivered pain, shame and wounding instead. Maybe you’re one of the causalities of casual sex. I was. And then God healed me. The great news is…He wants to do the same for you.

Sex is like glue. Super human glue. Inside marriage, God designed it to be a bond that is powerful and unifying. Outside of marriage, the bonds of sex can be devastating. Long after the lover has gone, the bond we’ve created stays with us impacting our lives and future relationships in a negative way. In my books I present Scripture and scientific research to show how God designed us to be uniquely bonded through sex, how sexual bonding in our past hurts us and our future relationships, including marriage, and how to break those bonds forged outside of marriage so that we can be free sexually and emotionally from our past.

What God has done for me and countless others, He wants to do for you. He can heal the wounds you’ve experienced from your sexual past, reverse the lies you’ve ingrained with His truth, help you grieve the losses you’ve incurred and break the ungodly bonds you’ve forged outside marriage, enabling you to re-bond in a present or future marriage.

Join me in discovering God’s miraculous, life-changing healing power to set you free…free to live, love and serve with abandon.

Watch Barbara talk about her new book, Kiss Me Again.

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